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This report is to provide detailed information as well as to supply an efficient analysis of Richard Brown.Who is Richard Brown? He is an entrepreneur that notices opportunities and takes the initiative to mobilize resources to make his photography and video service what it is today. He is the proud and successful owner of an online photography business which goes by the name of Dream Weddings Photography. This business aims to capture memorable and special moments at each wedding event. It provides engaged couples with the opportunity to have a well recorded yet memorable wedding day. In order for this to be carried out, each wedding is supplied with experienced videographers to video the wedding with high-quality equipment, along with qualified photographers to capture moments of their special day. These sufficient media items are transferred to a package offered by the business, at cost, containing a significant amount of picture often edited of the bride and groom, as well as participants of the wedding. This package is composed within the time period demanded by the couple and is efficiently delivered. Due to the fact that this business is primarily advertised online, customers are primarily those from overseas – ‘tourist’. These are persons coming to Jamaica for a wedding and wanting it to be captured.My interest in becoming a photographer/videographer peaked at age 17. I develop my training at the ” Association Of Clubs” which it’s facilitator Mr. Mathias Brown. At the end of my training, I was a skilled and qualified photographer/ Videographer. Soon after in start working for a Photography company in Negril called ” Colour Negril” for four years. Like any typical entrepreneur, I had goals, and within these goals were plans to build my own business.  One aspect of weddings that we really love is photography. Dream Weddings Photography features Jamaican wedding Photographer Richard Brown images, wedding photography is his passion. Every wedding he photographer inspires him, his goal is to make couples beautiful and happy. In 1999 he started out doing videography and in 2005 he entered the realm of wedding photography. He started his career at Association of clubs Westmoreland Jamaica the moved to Color Negril Jamaica and work with Color Negril Jamaica for 5 years. In 2009 he started his own company so weddings are not new to him.


Fully qualified professional Wedding Photographer based in Jamaica specializing in Wedding Photography, I travel all over Jamaica for weddings. If you want a naturally relax wedding photographer that can give you glamorous wedding picture, regardless of how you feel about picture together with the professionalism I offer and my friendly personality I can produce excellent wedding photos. It’s always a privilege to work couples on their wedding day. Equipment that is used to photograph weddings is top quality Equipment. If you would like more information about prices and packages, please feel free to email or call. Some Jamaican wedding photographers use the same tools as cinematographers to create stunning wedding photos. Many wedding photographers have similar experience in becoming a wedding photographer, being a photographer is an incredible job to have and has less stress than most other jobs. The value that couples place on my creativity behind the camera help to fuel my wedding photography career.There is a market for wedding photography in Jamaica. Weddings offers a fantastic opportunity for person that is interested in becoming a photographer

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