Jamaica Wedding Photographer

Jamaica Wedding Photographer

We have a number of tips to bring out your inner supermodel. In our pre-wedding preparation meetings which can take place at any resorts in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Negril, we go over our favorite tips to ensure your photographs are a stunning testament to your wedding. Even supermodels can look awkward when caught off-guard. Posing is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Practice in front of a mirror and ensure you try the following simple strategies:
Smile with your eyes
Fake smiles look fake because they don’t touch the eyes. You need to practice softening your eyes. Start with a blank expression and then think of the one thing that makes you happy, hopefully it will be the person you are about to marry, but sometimes, it’s chocolate! Your eyes should narrow slightly and soften as you luxuriate in the thought of the happiness your object brings. Your mouth can be smiling fully or only carry the hint of a smile, but as long as your eyes are smiling, your photos will never look awkward. Practice together in a fun and romantic laugh-a-long session.
Avoid awkward body shots
Good posture is crucial. Taller men often slouch to lessen the height difference but this looks awkward and shows no trust in the skill of your photographer. Many of our brides in Jamaican settings wear wedding dresses that are strapless or sleeveless as the weather is so warm and tropical. Sometimes brides clasp their arms to their sides to try and make themselves look taller. Don’t! This is a mistake as your arms can sometimes look bigger by doing so. Instead, lift your shoulders and ensure that there is a gap between your arms and your sides. This slims your arms and your entire body looks slimmer as a result. Stand up straight, turn slightly away from the camera and elongate one leg in the now famous red carpet pose, but try not to go all Angelina Jolie when you do so.
Trust and enjoy your photographer’s company
This is probably the most important tip. If you treat your photographer like a friend, you will relax and be able to look more natural in your pictures. The photographers from Digital Memories Collection place a lot of importance on building an easy rapport with our clients. We will talk a lot to you, tell you stories to make you laugh, and in the pre-wedding session, will take photos of you in unguarded moments. When you see how fabulous you can look when you are not deliberately posing, your confidence will soar. Ensure that you like being around your photographer, as you will be spending a good number of hours in their company on the day.
Above all, try to sometimes forget that the camera is there. You should enjoy your special day, and trust that your photographer has the skill to bring out your best side when you are too busy enjoying this time with your closest friends and family to remember their presence.



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  1. We hired them to do our engagement photos and couldn’t be more happy with the results. They did an excellent job, provided multiple locations, and an abundance of beautiful photos. They were very professional and fast with turn around on the photos.

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